Trading - Diamond Wings

Diamond Wings provides the knowledge and services necessary to deliver every project on stipulated time-frame and on budget, while helping clients maintain business continuity throughout the process. Our clients attest that through our intense attention to detail and vast construction knowledge they experience exceptional results. DW’s leadership in the construction industry is built upon the proficiency and commitment of our employees, combined with the integrity of our client relationships.

Our estimating team is providing you with a competitive bid to build your project. We also cater for your logistics planning, value–engineering options, and detailed construction schedule in hand to help make your decision easy.

Once we get the go-ahead to be your General Contractor, your Diamond Wings project management team will hire proven subcontractors and be fully on-the- hook for contract administration. The means and methods will be put to paper at this point and we’ll address any issues that hadn’t yet arisen during the design phase.

From here on it’s all about coordinating subcontractors, managing worker and public safety, monitoring site access and logistics, ensuring quality, and keeping everything on schedule. Not necessarily in that order.

  • LPG Tank
  • LPG Vaporizer
  • Gas Meter
  • Regulator
  • Safety Relief Valve
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Gas Detection System
  • Pressure Gauge/Level Gauge