History - Diamond Wings

Diamond Wings General Trading & Contracting WLL was founded under the nam e Diamond Wings Civil & Mechanical Contracting Company in 2005 by Mr Rajendran, a pioneer in the field of Mechan ical and Civil construction in the GCC.

He conceived the idea after witnessing inefficiencies in building maintenance and related mechanical and general contracting services in GCC, and st arted out giving consulting on benchmarking contracting principles as an engineering tool. In its first few years, the firm grew quickly and began developing rapport among corporations; it executed big projects and started diversifying across different verticals. Mr. Rajendran now holds the Director s post supported ably by Mr Ambu Raj catering the Chief Executive Role.

  • 2017 – General Contracting & Trading Services.
  • 2016 – IT services.
  • 2013 – Civil Construction
  • 2008 – LPG system & Fuel Installation
  • 2007 – Mechanical Contracting
  • 2005 – CR opened for Building Activities Maintenance