General Construction - Diamond Wings

Diamond Wings Construction service involves building commercial buildings as well as retail centers, industrial and residential. We are also an innovative and modern constructor that upholds social commitment. Working with our project engineer or project manager, it is our responsibility to stay on time and on budget throughout the entire construction process. Our Construction Management Team offers critical analysis as it relates to the design, architectural renderings, budget and overall construction logistics with a team approach. The ultimate goal is to look out for the best interest of the client and provide a complete tailor made service to keep their project within budget and on-time.


Making the highness of every building construction particularly lies at the construction plan. The arrangement significantly comes into realty with constructors' capacity to make magnum opus structures. Get the best answers for clients' definitive measures in view of their desires in exclusive expectations covering all the qualified thoughts. Arranging outline recreates much imaginative contemplations among the client side also and we are prepared dependably to embrace the view of the clients.


To achieve the fantasy of the clients begin from the main page through amazing portrayals, side to side client introduction is profoundly esteemed to make the developments. Building the best parts and ability lies at the last idea of making the total building is the advancement of all around gifted architects and laborers.


Convenience is especially basic to be an enthusiasm to render consumer loyalty through the expectations. Development organizations take a stab at the opportune time advancements containing every one of the basics that should be secured. Claim to fame administrations offer obeys well with time front and culmination of development with every single advantageous perspective.

Civil Construction

Diamond Wings is a well equipped to perform the following Civil Fabrication & Construction works in tandem with associative firms.

  • Grating and Ground Excavation.
  • Equipment Foundations.
  • Concrete Culverts and Road Crossings.
  • Structural Foundations.
  • Tunnelling.
  • Dyke walls, Fuel Form area and other facilities.
  • Fence and Main & Emergency gates.
  • Equipment Rooms and Small Sheds foundation.
  • Maintenance works in Industries during shutdown.
  • Industrial and High rise buildings.
  • Thrust blocks and Valve chambers.
  • Prilling Towers and Chimneys.

Structural Construction

We undertake the following Structural Fabrication & Construction works.

  • Steel Fabrication Works.
  • Structural access platforms, maintenance platforms, crossovers and Pipe Racks.
  • Pipe Supports and Supporting Structures.
  • Structural Buildings (Workshops, Wear House and Factory).
  • Field Installation and Commissioning.

Mechanical Construction

We undertake the following the following Mechanical Fabrication & Construction works.

  • Pressure vessel (Horizontal & Vertical) Fabrication and installation
  • Heat Exchangers (All Type) Fabrication & Installation.
  • Mechanical Static and Rotating Equipment Installation.
  • Fabricating special Equipments.
  • Speciality industrial Items.
  • Fabrication of API 650 Tanks and Installation(All Type)
  • Fabrication of Storage Tanks (Water, oil, etc…)

Electrical & Instrumentation

Diamond Wings is well equipped as a leader with our associate companies to perform the following E&I Fabrication & Construction works.

  • Cable laying.
  • Fire & Gas Deduction system installation.
  • Fabrication of (All Types) panels like Control panels, Power panels, Power distribution panels, etc.
  • Electrical Power supply system installation to all the industrial facilities.
  • Industrial Automation.